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Product information

Easy cover

For (existing) pools where is chosen for an above-ground solution, Starline offers an aluminum housing combined with two vinyl ester end caps.

This finish protects the slats and motor against all weather conditions. By installing an optional bench the construction is an extension of your terrace behind your pool!

The Easy Cover is equipped with solar panels. By using the independent solar energy source, the installation of power cables is not required. This is why the Easy poolcover is very easy to install for both existing and new pools.

Waterproof touch buttons on the support bracket operate the program memory of the cover so that the Easycover always operates to the right endpoint with a push of a button. For added security, a key switch is built on the side of the support bracket.

Easy Cover has a large battery capacity of 20 times its program (capacity is based on a slatted cover with a size of 5 x 10 meters) But if, for some reason, the battery is empty. There is a connection for a battery charger provided.

  • Powered by solar energy so no cables needed.
  • Quick and easy installation in both new and existing pools.
  • Conducted with program memory, set the program once and the program runs with the push of a button.
  • Includes key switch for safe closing of the waterproof touch control.
  • Large battery capacity (20 to 30 times a program with full battery).
  • Load functionality
  • Acoustic signal when the battery is almost empty (from that moment the program can be runned 2 more times).

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