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HQ (High Quality) slats are made from the best polycarbonate currently available on the market. Instead of fitting a UV protection layer afterwards, the UV protection is incorporated into the slat material. As a result the HQ slats have even greater resistance to wear and tear, extreme weather and high temperatures.


PVC slats are available in white, cream, grey, blue, transparent and solar. In combination with underwater lighting, in the evening the transparent slats form an atmospheric whole. The solar version transfers the warmth of the sun to the swimming pool water. In this way the water is heated with the first rays of the sun, so no other heating is needed in the summer months and the result is energy saving.


Roldeck ProFlex is unique due to the solid PVC foam slats that offer greater stability and ensure a perfect side finish. This allows the cover to fit precisely within the dimensions of the swimming pool, whatever its shape.Roldeck ProFlex slats can remain on the water throughout the winter, even at temperatures from -40°C to +70°C. The slats are interconnected using flexible joints and thus prevent leaves and suchlike getting between them. The slats have a high insulation value, they are impact resistant, flexible and are easy to keep clean. Roldeck ProFlex slats are available in grey, cream and blue.


New in our pogramm! The polycarbonate slats with a width of 83 mm and a thickness of 16 mm are absolutely very solid. The slats are available in transparent or solar. The transparent slats create an attractive ambience in the evening. The solar version heats the swimming pool water using the heat from the sun.

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